Kagen Dunn is a recent graduate from the University of Texas Arlington with a Bachelor of Fine Art. She concentrated in Glass under the guidance of Justin Ginsberg and Jean Fernandes where she incorporated measurements that relates to herself to explore the meaningful connection between her body, personal intricacies and the completed works. Consequently, the space in which a piece is created or displayed also adds to the importance and metaphorical significance. Wanting to explore the relations between not commonly combined materials, Kagen often uses copper and cement with glass to pursue visible reactions and contrasts in surface textures.
Now that she is graduated, Kagen will continue her practice at UTA as a non-degree seeking student to build her portfolio to apply for graduate school later on. To advance her work, Kagen wishes to continue creating works in both well-equipped studios and in conjunction with my contemporaries that can help to fuel my intellectual and artistic endeavors through collaboration, critique, and community engagement.
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